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Costa Maya, Mexico

This coastal paradise in the Yucatan features stunning beaches with soft sand and blue skies. Here you’ll enjoy an out and back easy run along the coast, after which we’ll relax on the beach with chair, umbrella, bathroom and beach service. This is our “Beach Break” run and will give you the opportunity to wind down after a busy running week!


Travel back in time over 3,000 years for our “Ruins Run” and run on the same trails and grounds that the ancient Mayans traversed. This magical experience begins with a private tender from the ship to the port, followed by a bus trek into the jungle, where our group will be deposited at the Altun Ha ruins. Our guide will open up the history of the site for us and then direct us to the run, which will be approximately 5K, consisting of several loops to different stops among the ruins. Bring cash to purchase handcrafted gifts from locals here.

Cozumel Mexico

Our “Amazing Race” is a true rendition of The Amazing Race as seen on TV over the last 13 years. You’ll walk, jog and snorkel your way throughout the coastal town of Cozumel, covering about 4 miles and interacting with locals, while moving from clue to clue as a small group in your very own scavenger race. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city of Cozumel, its history and the land it is built on.

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Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2022

Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2022

For more information, call (813) 575-9383
or email info@runFITgear.com